Terms and Conditions 

1. Nostalgia Fest is an over 18 event only 
2. Once you leave Nostalgia Fest you are not permitted to re-enter the site
3. ID will be required on entry
4. The bar staff have the right to refuse service
5. Nostalgia Fest operate the "Challenge 25 Policy" to help prevent underage drinking 
6. The bar staff have the right to request ID if they believe you are under 25 
7. No alcohol or food is permitted to be brought into the event and will be confiscated if found.
8. No alcohol or food is permitted to leave Nostalgia Fest, all drinks and food must be confiscated before leaving the site
9. Alcohol and food will stop serving at 930pm
10. No refunds are given on unused drinks tokens
11. VIP ticket holders get priority in the food village queue
12. No animals are permitted onto site unless a guide dog and pre- arranged with production
13. Production staff will film the event using various different cameras
14. A full search, including bags will be given on entry
15. Nostalgia Fest operate a strictly NO DRUGS policy. If anything f his kind is found, the items will be confiscated and you will be removed from the festival